August 19, 2022

How to Create Your Unique NFT Collection

We’re aware that we’re living in an innovative, globalized world that requires everyone to adapt to the new technologies and business models that are now being put into place. One example of this is the fantastic world of digital art and the exclusivity it offers. Suppose you don’t know where to start, our team is here to help you create a unique NFT collection from scratch.

First of all, What is an NFT?

The exact translation is Non-Fungible Token.

These are one-of-a-kind, non-interchangeable digital assets located on a blockchain that is available to sell and trade as desired by a unique owner at any given time and are managed through the uniqueID and metadata.

With that said, these NFTs are mostly known to represent different types of art, such as paintings, music, videos, video game features, and more that can also offer certain exclusivities within the purchase. Like any other product or service in the world, NFTs engage potential buyers with the ‘aggregated value’ they offer, which are the ‘perks’ the future owner would have or the fascinating story behind the creation.

Steps to create an NFT:

  1. Investigate Your Concept:

    In order to dive into this world, you first need to evaluate the criteria that best fit your knowledge. While analyzing, you will have to match these with trending concepts now and in the future in order to create a potential long-term attractiveness for your project.
  2. Choose a Platform:

    Once you have figured out what interests you, it’s time to land this project on the correct platform. There’s a list of recognized NFT platforms that allow first-time users to fully understand and begin to explore this crypto scene:
    1. a) OpenSea

    The 1st online marketplace for NFTs, operated with an ETH wallet, has a ‘lazy mint’ option that allows users to upload their artwork/projects without paying gas fees.
    1. b) Rarible

    A community owned marketplace, is operated with ETH, flow & Tezos blockchain
    1. c) Nifty Gateway

    Part of world-leading security technology (Gemini), application needed in order to submit a project (security & exclusivity)

Lucky for you, there are plenty of platforms that offer different benefits for your artwork/project.You just have to pick the best fit for you or let us help you on your path to success.

3) ‘Mint’ your NFT:

As presented on different platforms, there are also specific ways to mint your NFT, from which we’ve collected a general process view:  

a) Wallet connection: As a first-time user, you will have to either connect your existing crypto wallet or create a new one for the NFT marketplace.

b) Profile creation: While completing the first task, you can also upload relevant information about yourself in order to engage with your potential customers and specify the accepted payment method.

c) Fund your wallet: Like any other online payment service, there are certain fees that are part of the transaction cost, in this case, ‘gas fee.

d) ’Upload your first ‘artwork’: As with any other file, certain platforms allow you to upload your project with designated forms while finishing the description of your collection and profile.

4) Sell your NFT:

Once you’ve minted your NFT, this will be available for everyone in order to view their value and purchase history, from which you will be able to determine its fixed price according to the cryptocurrency available for your chosen platform.

Keep in mind that as soon as you complete these steps, the mentioned ‘gas fee’ will be requested from your virtual wallet, and there you go.. once your payment method is approved, your NFT will be listed on their marketplace with prior confirmation to terms and conditions.

What is the ‘benefit’ of having an NFT?

As mentioned above, everything in our current world is developing into digital assets, through which collectors are seeking to take advantage of the efficiency it provides while staying ahead of this virtual yet existent game.

Stay updated, efficient & innovative. Don’t lose track of the game. Feel free to schedule a chat with our Tech Team.

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