December 01, 2021

How to do Social Media Advertising.

How effective is social media advertising?

There are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook and over 500 million daily Instagram users.

Did you know that more than 73% of global marketers invest in social media marketing and advertising? Likewise more than 70% of businesses and 55% of marketers confirm that social media has helped them improve their sales.

The stats are proof – social media advertising increases business revenue. It’s a cheap, seamless, and powerful marketing method. Ads are not only cost-effective and have immediate results, but allow you to engage with your followers and audience, directly developing your client relationships through these platforms.

Let's look at the six first steps you should take when creating a social media Ad

1. Think about your budget.

One of the most disconcerting things about social media advertising is determining your financial plan. There are so many options to choose from, on every platform. We’re here to help out.

When using the Facebook Ad Campaign Tool, start by setting a budget that’s healthy for your business. We can run the campaign by spreading it evenly through a specific time period, or until the budget has been exhausted.

2. Choose your platform.

There are lots of channels where you can run your ad, as well as trends and formats that evolve constantly. For any questions specific to your business needs, you can ask our experts here.

You can choose a platform based on your target audience. Here are the prospects:


Around 69% of adults are on Facebook —  25-44-year-olds make up the biggest number of users on the platform. Facebook still has the widest age range of active users. In fact, 62% of online seniors, ages 65+, are on Facebook.


Instagram is great to target the younger generations. 75% of 18-24 years olds use it; 57% of 25-29-year-olds as well, and only 8% of people over 65 years old are on it.


This is a fantastic option if you’re looking to target young to middle-aged adults with your ads. 22% of adults in the United States use Twitter; 38% of users in the platform are 18-29 years old, while 26% of users are between 30-49 years old.


As you know, LinkedIn is a professional network so you’ll likely want to stick with more formal, business, and career-related ads on there. The demographic you’ll want to target there could include current or future members of your workforce.

There are over 660 million LinkedIn users and 37% of those users are 30-49-year-olds.

3. Your ad must be relevant.

Your ads should be relevant to your audience. Use your buyers/personas to target the specific interests and needs of the market and your customers. You can do this by analyzing customer feedback and surveys. If your budget can include focus groups as well, that’s a big plus.

Optimize your content for Search Engines (SEO) so it’ll organically appear in the feeds of users who search for given keywords, hashtags, or phrases.

4. Design eye-catching ads.

In social media, there’s a huge overload of visual content. So it’s important to make your ads stand out. They need to be engaging and eye-catching. They should make someone who’s scrolling through their feed wanna stop and take a closer look.

These are some of the elements you’ll want to rethink when designing effective social media advertising to catch the attention of your target audience:

  1. Images.

  2. Videos.

  3. Font.

  4. Colors.

  5. Wording, texts, and messaging.

  6. CTA buttons.

5. Think copy to convert.

Every word you include in your advertisement matters. This is particularly true of social media ads, which often have a character count and text limitations.

So, to ensure your copy is engaging you should:

  1. Be captivating.

  2. Communicate your values.

  3. Transmit your message clearly.

  4. Use the right call to action.

6. Measure your campaigns.

Social media advertising comes with lots of metrics you can check out to gauge its effectiveness. Focus on those that matter the most to your business.

Here are three of the most common metrics related to social media advertising:

CPC – Cost Per Conversion: This is the cost you have per click. That is click ÷ conversions = CPC

CPM – Cost per thousand impressions: – This is the cost you have per 1 thousand impressions. Impressions refer to how many times the ad has popped up on someone’s feed. It’s calculated as such: (cost ÷ impressions) x 1000 = CPM

CAC – Customer Acquisition Cost: This is the cost you have per sale or acquisition. That is cost ÷ acquisition = CAC

CTR– Click-Through Rate: This is the number of clicks that your ad received divided by the number of times your ad was shown. That is clicks ÷ impressions = CTR

CTC – Click to conversion: This one we calculate by dividing the number of clicks on an ad (visitors) by the number of resulting conversions. It tells us how many clicks it takes to generate a sale.

Stay tuned to our social media to know more on how to interpret these numbers.

These are just a few tips to get started. The landscape of internet advertising is constantly evolving. If you want to increase your network traffic and boost your ad metrics, feel free to schedule a chat with our marketing team.

Hernan Grippo – Codistry Marketing Director.

Meli Jimenez – Codistry Business Growth Specialist.

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