September 04, 2020

The Culture of Codistry

On a warm December Day in Costa Rica, the Codistry team hosted our first Christmas party, and more importantly our official brand release!

Codistry’s roots are planted firmly in Southern California, with employees developing the brand internationally, largely in Costa Rica. We have built state-of-the-art web applications, ensuring that the user interface flows as smoothly as humanly (and technically) possible, for over 15 years. From user research to prototyping, to design and development, user experience is at the core of everything we do. Our process encompasses design, user experience, and agile software development to guarantee that our clients get the best product they possibly can.

What makes us, us?

At Codistry, we believe that the work-life balance is essential to our success. We pride ourselves on building authentic relationships with both our team members and clients alike. Every project is personal for us. We understand that beyond our clients being clients, they started as an individual with a dream, just like you and me. Our ideology is built on the fact that we genuinely enjoy what we do as a business. We want our team and those we work with to be able to have that same joy and passion translate to our personal lives as well.

Codistry is more than an agency; it is a group of friends who put care into our work and want to become a trusted ally for our clients.

Our core team is comprised of software developers, software engineers, graphic designers, marketing strategists, brothers, sisters, and friends.

We are a support group for each member to lean on, turn too, and bounce ideas off of. No idea is ever too crazy.

Why now?

Seeing that our brand launch was two years ago, it seems strange that we would wait so long to share more about ourselves. Building a company from the ground up takes time and dedication. We have put in the work, built our rapport with current clients, sunken into our brand voice, and taken the time to learn how to finetune our operation. As the COVID-19 quarantine has been difficult on so many up and coming businesses, Codistry has been lucky enough to thrive during this time. Our team is growing, we are honing our skills, and we are making a name for ourselves. Codistry has our feet planted, which makes this the perfect time to remind everyone that we are here.

Codistry is ready to build genuine partnerships and put in the legwork for your business.

Stay tuned for more information on our insights, know-how, and muscle to get working on your next big project.

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