May 11, 2020

The Marketing Basics: How to Promote Your Small Business Successfully

In a world where the digital market is so competitive, it can be hard to know how to edge out the competition. Everyone has the latest strategy, and if you are a smaller business it may be difficult to figure out without the financial resources of bigger companies.
With Codistry’s help, you will be able to get your foot in the door. And the best part…it costs nothing.

Know Your Target Market

Making your business accessible is a great start, but if you are pitching yourself to the wrong people your words will be falling on deaf ears. In order to make your marketing strategy work for you, you need to know your audience. Who would benefit from the service you have to offer? Who is interested in the product you are providing? The key is to know your buyer persona. When you know this you can more easily navigate what their interests are and what websites they are most likely to frequent. This alone cuts out a huge population that frankly just isn’t interested in what you have to offer. When you focus in on this group of individuals, you’ve got yourself some quality leads.

Create Valuable Content

How many times have you heard the phrase “quality over quantity”? If there is ever a time to use this saying it is now! Whether you are posting to social media, writing for your website, or even putting out a product it is so important to be putting out quality work as opposed to a mass amount. Think of it this way, we all love the cheap stylish-right-now clothing. However, purchasing the jeans that cost a little bit more and last years longer is what we really want. After all, the more exclusive items are always in higher demand than the cheap and easily accessible.

A Social Media Marketing Strategy to be Proud of

Your business’s social media is its most accessible platform. Websites like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are free! And as much as we love to pretend otherwise, we all spend a lot of time scrolling through social media. Why not use these free mediums to your advantage? By branding your business and yourself properly, you are creating a consistent image that can be recognized no matter where it is seen. No one should see a post on Instagram and wonder if that’s the same Codistry that they follow on Twitter. Making sure your brand voice and look is consistent takes the guess work away from your audience, and makes your business one that the people can rely on.

Nurturing Quality Leads and Relationships

Think of your most trusted confidante. Chances are, it is not someone you met just last week. It is likely that the reason you trust this person is because they have taken the time to prove they are reliable and you two have built a relationship together. As simple as it seems, many forget how important it is to treat your business relationships similarly. The most meaningful relationships come from those that you take the time to nurture and that are beneficial to both parties involved. Whether this means checking in on a lead that you know doesn’t need your services, or asking how business is going with a long-standing client, these efforts cannot be taken for granted. Forming a genuine relationship with these people and developing rapport benefits all involved. The stronger these relationships come the more confidence they will have in your business, and the more willing they will be to lend a helping hand when needed. After all, they know you would do the same.

As simple as these tips seem, you’d be surprised by the amount of businesses that pay them no mind. And you may not be a big fish in a little pond like your competitors, but using these guidelines is the easiest and cheapest way to give your business the extra edge that just might make the difference. By knowing your audience, creating quality content, providing a viable social media presence, and nurturing any and all relationships you are bound to be successful.

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