October 25, 2020

Up-and-Comer Tech Company Codistry Buys into Bitcoin

Codistry decides to put their earnings into Bitcoin. Blockchain becomes the technology of the future. Find out how Codistry and Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) can benefit your business.

On Friday, October 30th in Orange, CA rising tech company Codistry will be allocating select profits to purchasing Bitcoins. Codistry has made the forward-thinking decision to put 10% of all company earnings moving forward into Bitcoin. This decision was made by CEO & Founder, Josué Mora and business partner and CTO, Alonso Baldioceda.

Mora has spent many years studying and understanding the core of Blockchain technology. The Codistry team is one of few to understand and offer BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) to their clients. With Baldioceda’s extensive 15 year technical development background, the pair are able to offer Blockchain based technologies to exceed expectations and cover a large variety of services.

Although we are a decade in on the development of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, we are still in the early stages of its evolution. Institutional investors, realizing its value and advantages, are starting to pour money into the blockchain ecosystem. Mass adoption is only a matter of time. At Codistry we are excited to be part of the early adopters and to help craft the future of our global financial markets.

Josué Mora, Founder

Codistry’s knowledge of BaaS and BTC assets give future and current clients a variety of options while keeping up with the times including but not limited to: implementing Cloud based storage, Blockchain data storage, and handling cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

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