The Roots of Codistry

In 2008 Codistry started as a team of passionate, young website developers and since then has flourished into a power-player in the web and marketing industry. Having grown and learned, we now pair technical website development with creative content and design to ensure your success.

We are a team of innovators, curious minds, and experts that specialize in our specific fields. Collectively, we are eager to deliver unparalleled customer care and cutting edge web and marketing services to our clients.

Josue Mora, Founder

Our Mission

Our mission at Codistry is to provide businesses with web and marketing services that help clients increase brand awareness, generate quality leads, and satisfy their customers.

Our Vision

Codistry strives to be more than an agency completing a task for you. Our hope is to become an ally that you can depend on while providing an encouraging and focused environment for all team members to work in.

Codistry’s core values are those
that any brand can get behind.


We put our heart into everything we do to always provide our clients with the highest quality of work. We do what we say, deliver what we promise and exceed expectations.


We know that you are trusting us with your business which is why Codistry goes above and beyond to build a meaningful relationship and put in the work for your company and clients. We are only successful when our clients are thrilled with the service we provide and satisfied with the final product.


As a team of well-rounded specialists, we have the expertise to properly execute any project successfully. We know there is not one right way, and enjoy finding creative ways to apply new technologies and strategies to ensure your success.


As a team with diverse and differing skill sets, it is important to us that there is a level of respect not only amongst our team, but the clients we work with. Everyone brings a unique mindset to the table and seeing things from a different point of view only makes us stronger.

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