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A business’s online success is only possible with an intuitive website and the content to keep people coming back.

Our hands-on team has the knowledge to give you the design you love and the marketing strategy you need.

Enterprise Software Development

Our team is well versed in all the software your heart could desire. From scalable cloud applications, to POS systems, and even Blockchain Technology, we have the experience to make sure your web application is developed properly. At Codistry we take pride in understanding a wide variety of technologies at their core and are happy to provide your business with a seamless and secure online experience.

Website Development

Do you believe in love at first website? We do, and so will your visitors. Our web developers will create a specialized website that not only has the curb-appeal you are looking for, but is also built with SEO and ease of use in mind. Your brand will be irresistible to both search engines and visitors alike.

Social Media Management

Your online presence is important when looking to gain quality leads. We create a full social media marketing strategy that will help get the desired results. From the creation of a personalized strategy, to data collected for analysis, to ensuring follow through, we are there for every step of the way.

Mobile Applications

Our team has extensive experience and a deep understanding of programming to deliver your brand with a web or native application completed to fit your needs, on time, and on budget.

UX/UI Design

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing how to navigate a website or app; that’s why web flow is a priority at Codistry. We ensure that your website or app flows cohesively, intuitively, and consistently, keeping the brand image and voice in mind throughout the process.


We take pride in creating a web presence that is ADA Section 508 compliant. Codistry ensures that all websites are developed with the technology to assist your audience in receiving the information they need and physically designed with the capability to easily communicate your content.

SEO & Content Management

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to ensure that people are finding exactly what they’re looking for - quickly. Our team of SEO and Content Management enthusiasts are responsible for staying up to date on the latest movements with these search engines to ensure your page ranks for the right searches, every time.

Graphic Design

Our skilled team of creative designers are drawn to projects that challenge their creativity and get them thinking outside of the box. Whether it be a splash of color, the placement of a graphic, or the curl of a font - every detail is critical and taken into consideration by our design department.

Blockchain as a Service

The future is here and at Codistry we love Blockchain Technology. Our deep understanding of its many utilizations allows us to create a system meant for reliable daily use. Whether it be for supply chain management, creating your own token, or getting your business acclimated with cryptocurrency our extensive knowledge will put your Blockchain based service ahead of the digital curve.

Analytics at Hand

Without seeing the stats, how do you really know how your business is doing? We gather and analyze the available data in order to generate a report that makes all this information transparent. With proper and accurate data, our team is able to assist in specializing your marketing efforts based on actual data.

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